Breaded Squid Ring (800G)
Breaded Squid Ring (800G) - All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd
Breaded Squid Ring (800G) - All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd
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Breaded Squid Ring (800G)

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  • Frozen
  • Also known as Breaded Calamari Rings, these deliciously breaded squid slices can be fried to a crispy, golden brown crust.
  • Great finger food!
  • Made from quality squids sliced into rings and coated with bread crumbs for a crunchy and tender bite.
  • Contains Squids and Wheat products.
  • Halal Certified

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Breaded Squid Rings For an Easy Weeknight Meal 

Breaded squid rings are a crowd favourite for adults and children. This crispy golden seafood is perfect for parties, as a snack with your favourite dipping sauce or mixed into a salad. And they couldn’t be easier to prepare! You can deep fry your calamari rings the traditional way, but try oven baking or air frying them for a healthier option. This gives them a delicate, crunchy texture without introducing saturated oils. We love a fresh summer salad topped with crispy golden calamari rings and a spritz of lemon, but if you don’t want to make up a salad, have them as finger food with your favourite dipping sauce – we won’t tell!

Health Benefits of Breaded Calamari Rings

Not only is breaded calamari delicious, but it is good for you too. Calamari is an excellent source of many essential vitamins and nutrients. It is high in protein, low in cholesterol and also has high amounts of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and selenium. All of these are important for a well-rounded diet. Squid is an excellent alternative to fattier meats, so before you reach for the pork or chicken, consider whether you could cook up a storm with some easy breaded calamari rings instead. Store some frozen breaded calamari rings in your freezer to ensure you always have a healthy meal option available. Our frozen calamari rings come in boxes of 50 pieces and are made with high quality sliced squid and crunchy bread crumbs. Order yours today!

Buy Premium Breaded Calamari Rings Online in Singapore

Rather than heading to the store after work and trying to fit a grocery shop into your busy schedule, take advantage of our excellent delivery service to get your weeknight dinner delivered straight to your door. Simply make your selection from our extensive range of frozen squid and calamari products online and place them in your basket. At the checkout, select the delivery option, put in your Singapore address and sit back knowing you’ve got dinner sorted. All Big will get your food delivered to your door as soon as possible in one of our insulated vehicles. Order your frozen breaded calamari and squid rings online today!