Red Leg Prawns

Red Leg Prawns

Red leg prawns are known locally in Singapore as Ang Kar Hei. These red prawns are the most common types of prawns that you would normally find in the wet markets of Singapore. These prawns are easily distinguishable  at the markets by their shape. Their tails tend to be broad and flat and they usually have red legs which is why they are called “Ang Kah” which means “red leg” in Hokkien. However, they don’t always have red coloured legs – the legs can vary from a transparent yellowish white to a reddish hue. The abundance of these sea prawns indicate their popularity among seafood lovers here in the region and they are used in many local dishes. 

Preparing Red Leg Prawns 

The texture of these red leg prawns is quite tender and the meat tender and sweet. The shell of this sea prawn is very thin, ideal for stir-frying with the shell on. Most dishes that involve stir-frying these red prawns coat the shells with a sauce to make it more flavourful. Red prawns are rich in Omega-3 fats and can grow to large sizes – they are often used in jumbo Prawn Mee dishes. Depending on the sizes, cooking methods for these prawns are almost limitless and up to your creativity. Some people like them as tempura while others prefer cooking them in curry or dipping them into different condiments. 

Get Your Red Leg Prawns in Singapore 

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