Barramundi and Sea Bass Fillets

Barramundi, or Asian sea bass is one of those classic and well-known fish that are perfect for almost every dish, whether that be a curry, fish and chips, fish cakes or simply poached with rice and seasonings. Fillets of this versatile fish should have a permanent spot in your freezer. Grill it and serve with lemon and fresh vegetables for an easy weeknight meal or jazz it up with crumbing or specialist seasonings to give it that extra wow factor. 

However you prefer to prepare your barramundi, you can’t deny that it’s a delicious meat and it’s here to stay. Restaurants and household kitchens alike are churning out delicious barramundi-based dishes, so find a recipe that appeals to you and get cooking!

Top-Quality Frozen Barramundi 

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Buy Barramundi and Sea Bass Fillets in Singapore

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