White Prawns

White Tiger Prawns 

Having a more delicate flavour as compared to the bold, sweet taste of black tiger prawns, white prawns are a favourite for many people. It’s elongated body hides soft yet firm prawn meat, the white tiger prawns at All Big are sourced from high quality shrimp farms that guarantee fresh and delicate-tasting white prawns. If you’re looking for the best frozen white prawns in Singapore, look no further than All Big Frozen Food which has been a leading distributor of premium quality prawns and is also halal-certified.

Preparing White Prawns 

White prawns are excellent for all types of dishes. Their firm texture and tender taste make them great choices for salads and appetisers. You can get them peeled and deveined at All Big for convenient cooking. White prawns are also popular in Asian cooking and are often added to soups and steamboats to soak in the flavours of the dish instead of overpowering it. Like grey prawns, white prawns can be prepared by stir-frying, steaming, grilling or air-frying.

These shrimps are grey colour when raw, but they turn red during preparation. White leg prawns are excellent sources of protein, iron and zinc, making them a welcomed addition for those looking for a nutritious yet delicious option. Prawns are the kind of seafood that is healthy for you and can even boost heart health.

Buy White Prawns in SIngapore

Get your white prawns from All Big Frozen Food. We have them peeled, deveined, packaged and frozen to ensure preservation of freshness and flavour for convenient cooking. If you spend above $60, All Big will deliver to you for free! Other than frozen white tiger prawns, we have other varieties of premium quality prawns that will suit your preferences and cooking. Reach out to us if you have any questions on our products or delivery options.