Steamboat Items

Steamboat Ingredients 

Whether you’re preparing for your Chinese New Year reunion dinner or just having friends and family over for a meal, steamboat meals are the perfect option for entertaining. You can bring loved ones together to socialise across a banquet of mouth-watering soups, appealing dishes, and delicious food.

We know that preparing for such a feast can seem intimidating at first - after all there are so many ingredients to acquire, order, prepare, and serve to your awaiting guests. Luckily for you All Big Frozen is your one-stop shop for buying steamboat frozen food and seafood items. Our halal-certified steamboat ingredients are all available online at the click of a button, with islandwide delivery in Singapore!

Get Celebrations Sorted with Steamboat Items Delivered to Your Doorstep

As you start to prepare ingredients for your next steamboat feast, consider adding our range of frozen seafood to your table. We are a supplier of steamboat seafood staples like prawns, crabsticks, fish, and shellfish. Just for the month of January 2022, you can even order our Chinese New Year 2022 Hotpot Special which comes bundled with scallops, prawns, chicken shabu shabu, and more!

There is something for all tastes in our online store. Our items are all halal-certified by MUIS Singapore so you can share the joys of a steamboat feast with family and friends from all backgrounds. What are you waiting for? Get onto our website and start ordering your frozen steamboat ingredients online today.

Fast and Easy Online Frozen Seafood Delivery

Our entire range of frozen seafood and other steamboat ingredients is available online through our website. Save yourself the hassle of scanning supermarket shelves for the ingredients you want. Our online shopping platform makes it easy to see what is on sale and even filter options according to your preferences. We are also a wholesale seafood and frozen food supplier so you can also find all the ingredients for your restaurant or catering business in one place. 

If you are ordering frozen seafood online, take advantage of our Singapore-wide delivery service when placing your order. We will deliver your order straight to your doorstep as fast as possible so you don’t have to worry about picking up your items. Free delivery is also available for orders above $60 - perfect for your next elaborate steamboat celebration!