Meal Prep Made Easy With Frozen Squid & Calamari Rings

Who doesn’t love calamari? This seafood staple is an easy crowd-pleaser for children and adults alike, and it couldn’t be easier to cook! If you need an easy weeknight dinner, then frozen squid rings are the perfect option for you. Many dishes call for calamari rings to be breaded, which preserves the delicate flavour and texture of the meat and allows you to integrate flavours like garlic or chilli into the coating. This option is also great to have as a snack with your favourite dipping sauce. If you prefer a lighter version, try gently braising or pan-frying squid rings and serving them tossed through a summer salad. Combine with your favourite cool beverage for the perfect hot-weather meal. 

Benefits of Calamari and Squid Rings

As well as being delicious, calamari and squid are also excellent sources of many essential vitamins and nutrients. Calamari is high in protein and low in cholesterol. It also has high amounts of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and selenium. All of these are important for a well-rounded diet. Store some frozen calamari rings in your freezer to ensure you always have a healthy meal option available.

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