Finger Foods

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Finger food is the go-to for every party or gathering in Singapore - they are easy to prepare, takes little to no time to cook and are wildly delicious. Other than cooking them for a party, our frozen finger food is also perfect for those on the go! We've got a variety of halal options to choose from, so you can always get your fix.

Whether you're looking for a quick snack or something to take with you on a road trip, we've got you covered. Our food is made fresh and is always delicious. Check out our full range of delectable halal finger food now. 

Ways to Prepare Our Frozen Finger Food

Frozen finger food is one of the most convenient snacks you can prepare in your own kitchen, making them highly popular among busy Singaporeans. Find out how to prepare tasty halal finger food at home now.

Deep Fry

While it might not be the healthiest option, deep frying our frozen finger food will ensure that you get to enjoy its crispy golden-brown batter at its finest. Do ensure that you thaw the frozen products before frying them in hot oil to prevent oil splatters.

Air Fry

Air frying frozen food will give you a similar texture to deep frying, except it makes for a much healthier snack since no oil would be used. 


While it might take slightly longer than deep frying or air frying, baking ensures that your food is heated evenly compared to when using a microwave oven. 

Get Your Frozen Finger Food Supply From All Big

Need to order in bulk? We’ve got you covered as your dedicated finger food supplier. Shop halal frozen products with us today and get them delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Free islandwide delivery is available within Singapore with a minimum spend of $60. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.