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Crayfish / Slipper Lobster (1KG)

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  • Frozen
    • 4/6 Size: 200g and above per piece
    • 6/8 Size: 150-200g per piece
    • 8/10 Size: 100-150g per piece
    • 10/12 Size: Below 100g per piece
  • Semi IQF, Net Weight - 800G
  • The Slipper Lobster / Crayfish are low in fat and calories and high in protein.
  • Suitable for shallow and stir frying, barbecuing, steaming and even for chowders!

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Indulgent Slipper Lobster and Crayfish

Looking for a seafood dish that's sure to impress your guests? Try ready-to-cook slipper lobsters available at All Big in Singapore! Our tender, succulent lobster meat is perfect for any occasion. Ready to cook, it can be served with just a few simple ingredients. Eating lobster, crayfish and crawfish is an indulgent sensory experience to be savoured. 

Try cooking slipper lobster in a garlic and butter sauce, or add your crawfish to a white-wine based pasta dish. There are no limits to what you can create with our premium frozen crawfish and lobster. 

Shop for Crawfish, Lobster and Crayfish Online

Our frozen slipper lobster and crawfish are low in fats and extremely protein-rich. They are suitable for shallow frying and stir frying as well as steaming and poaching for more delicate broths and powders. Our lobster range comes in sizes ranging from 4/6 to 10/12 with the option for 6-12 meat pieces so you can buy according to your needs. 

Apart from frozen lobster, crawfish and crayfish, you can explore more seafood products available online via our website. Whether you're looking to cook up a storm or add some extra luxury to your dinner party, our frozen lobsters make it easier to whip up a delicious meal any time.

Get Premium Frozen Slipper Lobster Delivered to You

With our frozen seafood delivery service, we can supply top-notch ingredients to households and businesses all over Singapore. We can travel far and wide to get your order to you as soon as possible so you don’t ever have to worry about stock running out at your local supermarket or fishmonger. Buy ingredients in advance and receive them directly at your residence or business.

Orders above $60 can also enjoy their delivery of frozen slipper lobsters and crayfish, free of charge. If you have any questions about our products or delivery service, get in touch with our team today!