Breaded Scallop Cake (10 Pcs) - All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd
Breaded Scallop Cake (10 Pcs) - All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd
Breaded Scallop Cake (10 Pcs) - All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd
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Breaded Scallop Cake (10 Pcs)

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  • Frozen
  • 10 pcs
  • Product of Thailand
  • Coated with bread crumbs and leaves a lovely golden brown crust after frying
  • Great finger food!
  • Crispy on the outside, tender in the inside!
  • Halal Certified

Serving Suggestions:

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Frozen Breaded Scallops For Sale

Scallops are a sought after seafood known for their delicate flavour and distinct texture. Restaurants all over the world use this meat as a centrepiece for dishes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare it yourself at home. Breaded scallops are perfect for parties, quick kid-friendly dinners, weekend lunches, and more. Fry up some golden scallops and serve with your favourite dipping sauce for an easy snack. For dinner, serve hot and crispy with a fresh salad and a refreshing drink. These delicious morsels are the perfect freezer staple. Take out what you need and keep the rest for later. Frozen breaded scallops help you minimise waste and save money in the long term. Order yours to make weeknight dinners easier than ever!

Our Frozen Breaded Scallops

Our frozen breaded scallops come in packets of 10 pieces. Each scallop is coated in premium bread crumbs that develop a crisp golden-brown colour when fried. The bread crumb coating protects the delicate meat inside so the end result is a delightful crunchy crust with a tender centre. Enjoy the delicious simplicity of these tasty morsels and order your breaded scallops online today!

Ordering Breaded Scallops Online is Easier than Ever

Buying frozen breaded scallops online doesn’t have to be difficult. As one of the leading suppliers in Singapore, All Big Frozen Food’s online shop brings all your seafood needs to the same place. Use our filter option to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s fresh or frozen breaded scallops. 

All our seafood is of a high quality and includes detailed descriptions of what you’re getting alongside serving suggestions. In short, our online model means finding premium seafood ingredients is simpler than ever. Add our frozen breaded scallops to your cart today and get them delivered to your Singapore residence or business. Enjoy free delivery for purchases above $60.