Muar Fish Otah (150G)
Muar Fish Otah (150G) - All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd
Muar Fish Otah (150G) - All Big Frozen Food Pte Ltd
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Muar Fish Otah (150G)

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  • Frozen
  • 1 Pc
  • Product of Malaysia
  • The Famous Muar Fish Otah!
  • Made with the finest and freshest ingredients!
  • Filled with delicious Spanish Mackerel chunks
  • Great for steaming, grilling and barbecuing!
  • Halal Certified

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Muar Fish Otah

Otah otah is a spicy Singapore staple food and longstanding crowd pleaser. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love this zingy dish. The universal flavours and compelling texture mean these will quickly be snatched up at any celebration or gathering - so you’ll want to have some on hand in case you run out!

If you want to bring Otah to your next gathering or keep some as a staple in your home but don’t want to go through the arduous preparation process every time, just let us do the hard work for you. All Big prepares our famous Muar Fish Otah using only the highest-quality ingredients. Our Otah is lovingly made by our culinary team and frozen for freshness so you can enjoy this dish whenever you want.

Have Muar Fish Otah Whenever You Want

Our Muar Fish Otah is a delightful snack or accompaniment to any meal. Our house-made Otah is crafted with fresh ingredients to guarantee an authentic taste in every bite. These delicious snacks are filled with high-quality Spanish Mackerel chunks which melt on your tongue, complemented by a blend of spices that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Perfect for steaming, barbecuing or grilling, this versatile ingredient can brighten up any dinner table in an instant. Enjoy with pillowy rice or fried vegetables, or just eat it as a snack on its own. Muar Otah is great fresh off the grill, paired with smoky Chicken satay, and so much more. The only limit is your imagination!

Our entire frozen Muar Otah range is halal certified by MUIS Singapore meaning you don’t have to worry about finding Otah that fits yours or your guests dietary requirements - we have it all right here! If you have any questions about how our satay and otah are created, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

Get Frozen Muar Fish Otah Delivered to You

As one of Singapore’s foremost Otah suppliers, we are determined to provide our customers with an enjoyable purchase experience. That’s why we deliver Otah throughout Singapore in our insulated delivery vehicles to guarantee freshness. Simply select our delivery option at the check out and get your satay and otah delivered straight to your business or residence. Free delivery is available for orders above $60, or you can also opt for pickup at our main outlet at FoodAxis@Senoko. Order yours today!