7 More Myths About Seafood

7 More Myths About Seafood

As a food type,
seafood is a subject of many misconceptions, with a number of them seemingly pulled out of thin air here in Singapore. With the perpetuation of such erroneous information, we feel that it is necessary for us to address such myths once and for all. Here are seven more fishy misbeliefs we will be addressing in this article.

Addressing the 7 Myths

Let us help you distinguish between what is fact and fiction when it comes to seafood. As a popular ingredient used in many famous dishes here in Singapore, it will be a pity to stop eating it, just because of some silly myths being spread around. Here are the seven myths addressed:

You Should Only Consume Shellfish During the Months Ending in "R"

September, October, November, December… That’s a long time to wait and only four months worth of mollusc consumption if this myth is true. You can actually find shellfish of excellent grade all year round; this is because with sustainable farming, everything is controlled and trustworthy these days. At All Big Frozen Food, you can eat shellfish anytime of the year, all you have to do is just order seafood online from us, your friendly and trusted seafood supplier here in Singapore.

Overcooked Seafood is Better 

In the case of fish, although many types may be eaten raw when properly processed and prepared, there are certain types that are harmful when eaten raw. However, in general, seafood that is eaten raw or not cooked properly will definitely cause health problems, the least being a mere tummy upset, and the worst a trip to the hospital due to severe food poisoning. Therefore, to err on the side of caution, it’s always prudent to cook seafood properly, but do take note of the proper preparation methods, as overcooked seafood will lose its taste and texture

When cooking fish, the simplest method to tell if it is cooked to perfection is to look at its appearance, as the flesh will change from translucent to opaque. The texture is another important factor to consider. When inspected using a fork, the flesh should crumble easily. 

You have to Defrost Prawns Overnight

This pretty much depends on the individual’s preference. You can simply put the prawns in your fridge overnight and have them ready to use next day, or you can defrost them easily, by running water over them for 15 to 30 minutes, however, you will have to be gentle and slow, just to avoid breaking or bursting these delicate crustaceans. 

Prawns Causes High Cholesterol

The truth about prawn and cholesterol is that although it does contain cholesterol, it is actually low in fat. As such it can still be part of your cholesterol-lowering diet. What you should be changing is how you cook your prawns. If you can avoid adding other ingredients that are high in saturated fat such as butter to your prawns during the cooking process, you are on the right path in being healthier. Remember, always eat in moderation.

Female Lobsters Taste Better than Male Lobsters

Gender does not play a part in how a lobster tastes, unless you like eating roe - the female lobster’s unfertilised eggs. Female lobsters have a slightly wider tail than the male ones, but adult male lobsters have bigger claws. Comparatively, there is actually no difference in the amount of flesh in similarly sized male and female lobsters. Simply put, they both taste the same. 

Don’t eat Crawfish with Straightened Tails

This is a myth that states that any crawfish or little lobster with straight tails is due to them being dead on arrival prior to the cooking process, and thus are not fresh or are less flavourful than those caught live and freshly prepared. However, the truth is, straight-tailed or not, they are fine to eat. According to crawfish researchers at the LSU AgCenter in Baton Rouge, these crawfish might have had their tails straightened when wedged between other crawfish in the cooking pot. 

Seafood Has A Fishy Stench

Fresh fish does not smell. In fact, seafood only develops that nausea inducing stench when they die and the decomposition process starts. To keep your fish fresh, remove it from its packaging, wash and dry it, and store it in the freezer until you're ready to cook it. This should keep the odour at bay. And considering Singapore’s warm and humid climate, time is of utmost importance when buying and bringing seafood home. To prevent seafood from turning and smelling bad, always pick them up as the last item on your grocery list, and go home immediately. Alternatively, you can always shop for seafood online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Get Your Seafood the Right Way

As a wholesale seafood supplier here in Singapore, we source our seafood the proper way. Lobster, Prawn, Scallop, Squid, various fish species, and value-added goods such as fish tofu cubes, crab nuggets, and cuttlefish balls are among the fresh and frozen seafood we provide. All Big Frozen Food is a trusted partner of many established food and beverage service providers and we pride ourselves on delivering only seafood of the highest quality right to your doorstep. Contact us today if you're looking for a well stocked selection of seafood that is sustainably sourced and packaged the right way.

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