A Singapore Classic: Snakehead Fish in Singapore

A Singapore Classic Snakehead Fish in Singapore

The Snakehead fish is a predatory native species found in many parts of Africa and Asia. With long dorsal fins, flattened heads with big eyes, large mouths with sharp teeth, and iridescence in their shimmering scales, these are the highly recognisable traits of these carnivorous fish. Belonging to the family known as Channidae, the Snakehead fish has more than 50 species, with a number of them being a valuable food source. The species we are describing in this article is the largest of them all. Known as the Giant Snakehead in English, Toman in Malay, and 生鱼 (Sheng Yu) in Mandarin, Channa micropeltes as it is better known in the fishkeeping community is a fish of many names, and it comes with a reputation of being a ferocious predator as well as a food fish with health benefits.

Why is the Snakehead Fish a Popular Food Fish?

Snakeheads are highly valued as food fish, particularly in Southeast Asia. In the Chinese communities of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, the Toman is a food fish that has long been famed for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is said that the Toman has certain Polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fats) that are able to induce wound healing, which is why you’ll often hear of worried mothers bringing Snakehead fish soup for their child who has just gone through surgery and is recuperating in hospital.

Cook it in Many Different Ways

As a food fish, the Toman is versatile enough to be cooked in a variety of cuisine styles and methods. With a mild flavour and a firm texture, this fish is perfect for dishes such as curries and soups. It is also good for stir-fried or steamed dishes. For those who prefer a light meal, you can thinly slice a piece of Snakehead fillet, and add it to your porridge

Benefits of Eating Snakehead 

Research has indicated that Albumin is abundant in Snakehead meat. Albumin is a type of protein in blood plasma and is essential for our health. Some of Albumin’s functions include the reduction of swelling by “extracting” additional fluid from swollen tissues back into the bloodstream, as well as fixing tissue damage. If body tissue is damaged, Albumin is able to help speed up the regeneration process. Additionally, Albumin is an important antioxidant that helps combat harmful free radicals in the human body.

Good Fish to Kickstart a Pescatarian Diet 

If you are looking to reduce your consumption of meat, yet are unwilling to be a full time vegetarian, you can try adopting a pescatarian diet. A pescatarian diet is primarily one that is plant-based, with the main source of protein coming from fish and other seafood. If you are apprehensive about eating fish for fear of a strong taste, the Toman with its mild flavour and health benefits would be a great way to kickstart this new diet of yours.

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