How Should You Cook Your Prawns? Unpeeled vs Peeled Prawns

Prawns in Singapore are considered one of the best shellfish to have in Singapore due to its versatility - deep-fried buttery cereal prawns, shrimp scampi pasta, or tangy sweet and sour prawns. The variety available at your nearest grocery store or wet market may sometimes seem intimidating if all you want to replicate is a simple and delicious dish you found online. Hence, you can always opt to shop for them online, at your convenience. 

Here at All Big Frozen Food, not only do we have the best-frozen stock, but our prawns are also caught in the clear, deep, abundant waters surrounding the Malaysian islands and Vietnam. This means that they're transported to our shores in the best possible way to keep them fresh - in iced seawater. Below, we'll explore the benefits of preparing these absolute gems of the Malaysian and Vietnamese waters in different ways and why All Big Frozen Food is the best source for quality peeled and deveined prawns

The Benefits of Cooking with Unpeeled Prawns 

Whether to cook prawns with or without their shells has been a puzzle for the longest time. Many people maintain that in their shells, prawns cook better, while others claim that peeled and deveined prawns are more delectable. What it really comes down to is a personal preference. 

In truth, the biggest benefit to cooking prawns in their shells is the umami flavour. Prawn shells contribute a depth of flavour that is between toasty and briny, as such cooking unpeeled prawns can bring out more of its flavour. However, a common misconception that many people have is that peeling a prawn is the same as deveining it. 

Peeling a prawn refers to removing the flesh from its shell, whereas deveining prawns means removing the thin black string down its back. Although it is known as deveining, the black string is not a vein, instead, it is the prawn’s digestive tract and the dark colour means that it is filled with grit. When it comes to deveining a prawn, the decision to do so depends on your personal preference as it is not harmful to the human body when consumed. Generally, it is easier to devein larger prawns and more challenging for smaller ones. To make cooks’ lives easier, many suppliers and online grocers like All Big Frozen Food, offer peeled and deveined prawns. As such, if deveining and peeling is not for you, then you can always opt for prepacked frozen deveined prawns


While it can be fun, and even engaging, to have your guests or diners get their hands dirty  by peeling their own prawns at the table, it's far more convenient to have prawns deshelled beforehand. This way, no one has to peel their own prawns if they're not particularly fond of doing so. 


It's far more efficient to buy peeled prawns. While the shell provides protection from too much heat for novice cooks, deshelled prawns are faster to prepare in larger quantities. You’ll save yourself a lot of time from an arduous task, which means your guests don’t need to wait so long for the meal to arrive at the table. They’ll thank you later.

The same principle applies to if you’re simply making a meal for yourself. If you’re in a mood for a snack, your stomach won’t be pleased if you need to first spend time peeling. Peeled and deveined prawns come in handy when you want to whip up something quickly.


You won't always be serving grilled prawns or prawn skewers. Sometimes, the occasion calls for something a little more opulent. In the case of a sweet prawn cocktail, you don't want guests or diners to have to peel their own prawns. You'll also likely prefer deshelled prawns if you're making a broth, stew or soup. 

Enjoy wholesome prawn dishes!

All Big Frozen Food is the best place to source the highest quality peeled and deveined prawns from. Let us take the work out of your next delicious prawn dish and introduce you to our superb quality frozen prawns

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