7 Special Facts About Seabass Fillet

In Singapore, All Big Frozen Food offers a wide range of frozen seafood products. One of the more popular items on our menu is the seabass or barramundi fillet. Here are some interesting facts about seabass fillets

1. Where did seabass originate?

What we call seabass is actually not a single species, but many from across different families. This nontaxonomic category includes about 475 species of food and sport fishes that come from all over the world. The fish looks a bit like a perch with small scales and an elongated body. Other names for seabass include barramundi, hamlet, cony, and grouper. It’s a very versatile fish prized as a good food source with a high protein to fat ratio, making it very nutritious. 

2. The ‘Fish of Forbidden Love’

The name barramundi originated among Australia’s aboriginal population, where the fish is unique in that it even has its own folk tale. It features Boodi and Yalima, who ran away because their young love was forbidden. They ended up being chased by villagers who hugely outnumbered them. To escape, they jumped off a cliff into the sea, where they became the first barramundi fish.

3. Seabass live in fresh and saltwater

Seabasses are known as catadromous fish because they live in fresh water and in the salty sea. They spend most of their lives in fresh water and then go into saltwater to spawn. The primary reason for this migration is to seek more food better conditions for reproduction.

4. Switching gender as they age

Scientists calculate the age of seabass by counting the number of rings on the scales. Each growth ring equals a year. The age of the barramundi also determines their gender! They spawn as males and remain male until they mature and then become female! So young adults are male and older adults, female.

5. Are seabass sustainably farmed?

Seabass are farmed commercially in many parts of the world, and the industry accounts for the production of huge numbers of fish and is worth billions in many currencies. Wild-caught juvenile fish were initially raised on a small scale in coastal lagoons, but in the late 1960s, large-scale commercial farming started in pens in the sea. 

All Big Frozen Food ensures that our barramundi are farmed in a certified, high-quality fish farm in Vietnam. Not only is this sustainable, but it also ensures that the fish are healthy so that their end consumers get to indulge in only the best quality products.  farms are certified and controlled in terms of diseases and the sources of the fish to ensure sustainability. As such, they only use high-quality farms in Vietnam to 

6. How does seabass taste?

The seabass fillet is a mild-tasting fish with white flesh that’s tender and easy to flake. It has a sweet, buttery taste because the meat contains a good amount of oil and has no unpleasant odour. It’s extremely popular and affordable in many parts of the world due to extensive farming.

7. You can catch seabass in Singapore!

Singapore boasts saltwater fishing ponds where you can go and spend an enjoyable day or night (some are open 24 hours a day) catching your favourite fish, including seabass. If they are below a certain weight, you can even take them home and make barramundi fish fillet for your dinner. Otherwise, you have to throw them back into the water!

Buy Seabass fillet in Singapore

If you’re intrigued by this fish and would like to try frozen barramundi or seabass fish fillet in Singapore, look no further than All Big Frozen Food. What’s more, you can order from an amazing array of fish products online without worrying about their freshness because we deliver only the highest quality seafood right to your doorstep.

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