Trying a Pescatarian Diet? Get Your Quality Seafood Online in Singapore

Are you considering a pescatarian diet? If you’re looking for quality seafood to help you make the switch, look no further than online seafood retailers in Singapore. All Big Frozen Food offers a fantastic variety of fresh and frozen seafood, so you can find just what you need to create delicious, healthy pescatarian meals. Check out our online frozen seafood delivery today and get ready to enjoy some amazing seafood dishes. 

What Is a Pescatarian Diet?

If you’re looking to cut down on your meat consumption but can’t be a complete vegetarian, you can try adopting a pescatarian diet. Strict pescatarians don’t eat meat or animal products except for seafood. It is primarily a plant-based diet with the main source of protein coming from fish and other seafood. All Big Frozen Food offers a wide selection of frozen seafood in Singapore so that it is easier to incorporate seafood into your meals anytime. 

Most pescatarians can be specifically called lacto-ovo-pescatarians. These words come from Latin; “lacto” means “milk”, and “ovo” means “egg”. This pescatarian diet includes dairy products and eggs, which are considered to be animal products. However, the only meats they consume are fish and seafood. Other allowed foods are plant-based such as grains, tofu and other soy products, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Why Be a Pescatarian & What Are the Benefits?

Thanks to wholesale seafood retailers in Singapore, you can find an abundant selection of fresh seafood such as fish, prawns, shellfishes, squids, cuttlefish, sea cucumber, fish finger food, and more. Many people become pescatarian because of their health. Many findings prove the benefits of being a pescatarian over being a meat-eater.

1. Healthy Heart

Research by scientists from Icahn School of Medicine in New York with about 15,500 participants showed that a plant-based diet of dark leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, and fish results in lower blood pressure. Pescatarians are 42% less likely to develop deadly heart failure. Eating fish, especially fatty fish, increases the intake of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and lowers the risk of developing iron-deficiency anaemia. 

2. Reduces Diabetes and Inflammation

A diet full of red meat is known to cause inflammation because they are high in saturated fat. Cutting out red meat for more fish reduces inflammation and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

3. Reduces Chances of Cancer 

Believe it or not, a pescatarian diet may also reduce the chances of developing colorectal cancers.

4. Environmental Benefits 

Pescatarians also choose to commit to their diet for ethical or environmental reasons. Raising livestock comes with high environmental costs because animals produce huge amounts of methane gas, contributing to the climate crisis. Many animal rights activists also raised ethical concerns for the treatment of livestock at farms. Switching to a plant-based pescatarian diet will reduce these concerns as the diet does not produce as much emissions as the meat industry. 

Is It Easy to Keep a Pescatarian Diet in Singapore?

Singapore is famous worldwide for its seafood dishes, such as Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab and Fish Head Curry. Thanks to seafood delivery in Singapore, there are many successful seafood restaurants. Tropika Club mentions 25 renowned places where pescatarians in Singapore can enjoy delicious seafood dishes. Singapore is famous for its love of seafood. Its fishing village and trading port history have built a culture rich with seafood delicacies. Many local cultures, including the Chinese, Malays and Indians, incorporate fish and seafood in their beloved cultural recipes.

Seafood Delivery in Singapore

All Big Frozen Food provides fresh and frozen seafood delivery all over Singapore. We can supply frozen seafood products for everyone’s budget with our discounts and offers. We deliver seafood straight to your doorstep straight from the port! We have free delivery for online orders of seafood that are $60 and above.

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