White Prawns, Grey Prawns, Red Prawns? Is There A Difference?

You love to eat seafood, but you’re tired of regular dishes and want to try something different? Try cooking some traditional Singapore dishes with prawns and enjoy yourself! We’ll give you all information you need about the types of prawns, their differences and how to find them online.

Most Consumed Prawns, And The Difference Between Them

So, your first question usually would be what are the most commonly consumed prawns and the differences between them. The answer is white prawns, grey prawns and red prawns. Besides them, tiger prawns are Singaporean favourites too. Prawns are favourite seafood ingredients among chefs because of their variety and flavour. 

White Prawn

White prawns are the most common wild prawn species for farming and wet markets. They are commonly known as the Indian white prawn and are locally called Ang Kar Hei, which means “red leg prawn”. Their colour varies from transparent yellowish-white to reddish. 

They have thin shells and a very meaty tail so that you can get a nice amount of meat from them. White prawns have a nice, crunchy texture, but their meat is not that sweet as other prawn types. They grow to quite large sizes and are perfect for stir-frying in garlic-butter-lemon sauce. You can also include them with al dente pasta, soups or salads where their flavour will come through. All Big Frozen Food carries peeled and deveined prawns from Malaysia if you’re looking to buy white prawns online.

Grey Prawn

Grey prawns are the species that is the most farmed globally. They are the most common type of prawns used in Asian cooking. Also known as Litopenaeus vannamei, locals commonly refer to them as White leg prawn, Pacific white. The unique thing about them is that you can find them alive in wet markets. Chefs and gourmets call them “queen of seafood”, although they are usually less than an inch long when they are peeled. Grey prawns have a sweet and crunchy texture, making them the perfect appetisers or starters. 

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Red Prawn

Red prawns are also known as Carabinero, Red king prawns, Royal red, Red Sea prawns. They got their name because of their bright red colour, which remains even when cooked. Red prawns come in jumbo size and have very meaty tails. You can also use their heads and bodies for soups or sauces to bring out a different taste. 

People often compare red prawns to lobsters because of their delicious, robust and sweet taste and soft texture. The most common way to prepare them is to grill or steam them in their shells with salt and butter or make a prawn stew. 

Tiger Prawn

Singaporeans call tiger prawns the “king of prawns”. These prawns are recognisable by their large sizes, between 9 to 11 inches, and their visible stripes. Gao Chap Hei is a local name used in Singapore, which translates to “nine stripes”. Tiger prawns are highly sought after by Singaporeans who love prawns with a sweet and succulent taste. We recommend preparing tiger prawns with butter sprinkled with tempura crumbs. 

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Buy Prawns Online

Singaporeans use different types of prawns for many seafood dishes. It all boils down to what you’re expecting and how we can meet those needs. Feel free to browse through All Big Frozen Food’s collection for quality fish and prawns delivery in Singapore.

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