The Best Sides To Accompany Your Alaskan King Crab Legs

Known as the king of crabs, the Alaskan king crab’s reputation for flavour precedes it, with its leg meat being known for its rich and sweet flavour – a delicate and tender texture reminiscent of lobster meat. What’s more, not only is the Alaskan king crab sweet and juicy, but it is also a healthier alternative compared to other crabs. It is a much leaner protein than other crab meats and is low in fats and calories. Typically, a king crab comes at approximately 100 calories and contains 19 grams of protein for every 100 grams of meat, as such, it is a high-quality protein. 

While the Alaskan king crab is often enjoyed in seafood restaurants of Singapore, did you know that you can also have it from the comforts of your home? Many wholesale seafood retailers in Singapore, such as All Big Frozen Food, sell frozen king crab legs, allowing you to prepare and cook them just as you like them. 

How To Prepare Your King Crab Legs 

Cooking Alaskan king crab legs is relatively simple, especially when you can get frozen ones available in Singapore. Most of these frozen king crab legs have already been pre-cooked, and as such, all you need to do is heat them up. 

When cooking your frozen king crab legs, we recommend placing them in a colander or steamer over boiling water. Fill one-third of the pot with water, cover it and steam your frozen crab legs until they are completely heated. 

There are many ways to cook the Alaskan king crab legs, and some of the best ones include steaming, baking, and grilling them. However, even as satisfying as it is to crack open a steaming, delicious, and juicy king crab leg, you cannot help but look for something extra – after all, all the big stars require supporting casts to shine. 

Hence, we have shortlisted some of the best sides and appetisers to go along with your Alaskan king crab legs. 


A versatile vegetable, potatoes are a classic go-to side with your king crab legs. Whether you choose to roast, bake, mash, or fry them, we recommend adding a little garlic and butter for that extra oomph. 

Corn On The Cob 

Speaking of butter, we cannot forget the most commonly served side with Alaskan king crab legs – corn on the cob. Grill the corn and brush on some buttery goodness for that extra umami flavour that would complement the sweetness of the Alaskan king crab.  

Coleslaw Or Salad

While coleslaw is often seen on the side of barbeque or grilled meat, we personally think that this creamy and refreshing cabbage dish pairs well with the succulent meat of king crab legs, thanks to its crunch and tantalising flavour. 

If you have no time to prep your coleslaw, you can always opt for the simpler option – salad. A nice, crunchy green salad on the side can help provide a refreshing taste profile for your palate without taking too much away from the star of the show. For a more garlicky flavour, you can always pair the Alaskan king crab legs with a Caesar salad instead. 

Macaroni And Cheese 

While lobsters and prawns are often paired with this all-time favourite pasta dish, crab meat also goes exceptionally well with this savoury and creamy side. However, if you are going to pair king crab legs with macaroni and cheese, you should also prepare another side to prevent the overall dish from being too cloying. 

Order Your Alaskan King Crab Legs In Singapore

Caught in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska, All Big Frozen Food’s King Crab Legs are pre-cooked and nicely packed to keep them fresh. All you need to do is to blanch it again before consumption. All Big Frozen Food is a wholesale seafood supplier in Singapore, selling only the freshest catches like Alaskan king crab legs, crayfish, prawns, and even vacuumed-packed fillets of fish. 

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